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Tylie Malibu Handbags - Purses - Totes - Satchels - Shoulder Bags 

Tylie Malibu Purses and Handbags

Tylie Malibu is a design house specializing in hand-crafted leather handbags, accessories, and shearling boots. The collection was established in January 2000 by designer Lisa Izad of Malibu, California. The style concept embodies the Los Angeles lifestyle by combining a laidback casual attitude with the luxury and glamour that makes LA so captivating. They take pride in the manual skill and substance of the creative process and the craftsmanship necessary to create every Tylie product. All Tylie products are made in the USA and are overseen by the designer and Tylie staff in the Santa Monica, California workshop.

*Many styles are available in a variety of colors or prints, please click on a style to see available color/print selections.