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Fashion changes, but style endures. --Coco Chanel

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The year 1955 unleashed the success of Chanel bags with the introduction of the famous quilted pattern handbag. This handbag, labeled the 2.55 model, boasted a delicate quilt pattern crafted with petersham and a jersey lining. By February of 1955, the bag had soared in popularity, but due to its slow and careful manufacturing process, many purchase requests had to be denied because of a low supply. The unmet high demands for these handbags only emphasized the exclusivity of Chanel bags, an exclusivity that continues to this day.

Despite the death of Coco Chanel in 1971, the Chanel brand has persevered in the fashion world. By 1983, German designer Karl Lagerfeld took hold of the haute couture design, fueling inspiration for the timeless styles of Chanel.

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