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Christian Dior Handbags - Purses - Bags 

After a stint as a small gallery owner and as head designer for the fashion house, Lucien Lelong, Christian Dior founded his couture house in 1946. During his debut collection, Dior revolutionized the industry by introducing the 'New Look'. The small-waisted, full-skirted silhouette instantaneously set a new standard in post-WWII fashion, throwing the previous boxy, unflattering shape out the window. Today, with the signature flair of John Galliano, Dior is still widely praised for its glamorous designs and highly original thinking.

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Christian Dior

Dior White Faux Leather Makeup/Travel Bag
A functional and beautiful makeup/travel bag by Dior with the iconic “CD” logo embellished with gold sequins.

Dior men briefcase nero
Dior men briefcase nero 1CNBR031CNT

Dior men briefcase grigio
Dior men briefcase grigio 1DABR041VOG